Welcome to Radius' Root. Connect and join the community! Home to cHTTPd (Chris' HTTP Daemon) and Freon Linux. Proudly incorperated with Red Pepper Racing's web hosting!


Radius' Root's free VPS hosting services! This is also powered by a project of mine; SVMM (Simple VM Manager)


Radius' Root's social media platform! Powered by my project Simple Social Board a flatfile, simple, flexable, social media platform; open source for everyone!
Looking for Freon Linux? Visit the website for information and downloads!
Looking for cHTTPd? Visit the repository for information, and source code.
My free Minetest server hosting project FreeMT is available!
All servers can also be reached at radius.root.sx:(port) as well if any issues occur!

Game servers

Currently, I'm only running a single small Minetest server.
Hardware: ZTE Fanfare 2 (Snapdragon 210 @ 1.1GHz, 1GB ram, Android 6.0.1)
Version: 5.4.0-devel (7/29/2020)
IP/Port: cddo.cf/46666

IRC server

IP/Port: cddo.cf/1337
Main hang channel: #theroot
FreeBox channel: #freebox
FreonLinux channel: #freonlinux
Join our IRC web client!

Using MultiServ...

/msg MultiServ @help
MultiServ: @register 'password' - Register your username
MultiServ: @login 'password' - Login to services
MultiServ: @claim 'channel' 'user password' - Register IRC channel to your nickname
MultiServ: @release 'nickname' 'user password' - Release your nickname if someone else logs on with it.
MultiServ: @topic 'channel' 'channel topic' 'user password' - Set your channel topic if you own the channel