Freon Linux!

NOTICE: Freon is still well under heavy development and is no where near the finished product!

Freon Linux is a lightweight embedded distribution, great for ancient hardware or virtual machines. Based on BusyBox, and shipped with TCC, GNU C library, CHTTPD, nano, htop, XZ, grub-legacy, and more. The goal is to keep freon as small and portable as possible. With that being said, unfortunately Freon does not work on UEFI systems as of current. Please take a look at the WIKI for information on installing, using, and compiling on Freon Linux! Newly added to Freon Linux, we took it upon our selves to mirror the Tiny Core Linux 9.x package repository and use a very simple package manager that is compatible with TinyCoreLinux repositories! (thaw)

Current major software include:
  • Kernel: linux 5.1.12
  • C Library: libc 2.28
  • SSH: dropbear 2019.78
  • HTTP: chttpd 1.3.1
  • System Utilities: busybox 1.27.0
  • Shell: busybox sh, bash 5.0.1
  • C Compiler: tcc 0.9.27

Download latest build:
Download the latest Freon Linux build HERE (iso)

Please be advised: Freon Linux is provided solely for testing and learning purposes only. Absolutely NO WARRANTY IS PROVIDED WITH THIS SOFTWARE AND IS TO BE USED AT YOUR OWN RISK!