Freon Linux WIKI

NOTICE: Freon is still well under heavy development and is no where near the finished product!

Getting started

Freon Linux is not for the faint hearted GNU/linux enthusiasts. There are no package managers, and little software/scripts to help on most daily tasks. Installation is automated for the sake of time, but as for gaining access to new software. TCC is your only bet! I'm a firm believer in C, so that's the only length of toolchain shipped with Freon Linux (for now).

Installing Freon Linux

First step to installing Freon Linux, boot the disk media! Once greeted with a login prompt, login as root (default no password). Next step, lets format the drive that'll be used for the finished installation.
# fdisk /dev/hdX (*** X being the letter of the drive you are going to use. Ex. /dev/hda)
Need some assistance with fdisk? fdisk How-To
Next up, lets get a install configuration file from Freon's installation utility freezedry
# freezedry config /root/install.conf
If you are installing from a disk, and installing to the first hard drive, the default configuration file will work perfectly. To install, simply...
# freezedry install /root/install.conf
Freon's freezedry will automatically format the hard disk partition, install the base system, and install grub automatically!

Using chttpd (Freon's webserver):

CHTTPD is a lightweight yet functioning web server that powers my hosting service FreeBox. Out of the box, CHTTPD is preconfigured with Freon. From Freon's init script, chttpd is launched on boot. The configuration file is located at /etc/chttpd.conf
  • Starting CHTTPD: # /etc/init.d/chttpd start
  • Stopping CHTTPD: # /etc/init.d/chttpd stop

Using Tiny C Compiler